Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi – Making Animals Feel at Home in a Semi-Reserve Type Environment

Admittedly, it was a never-ending desire and that was what happened. Our mind once exposed was craving for more of nature and we voluntarily chose Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi to find quite a few more of wildlife. This place is at a distance of 20 km from the main city of Ranchi and usually people seek breaks and go on for massages in spa or do some recreational activity but my break means doing what I am passionate about that is spending time around wild animals and observing them. This time it was not in any National Park or Reserves but a semi reserve type.

Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi

Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi | Image Resource:

The zoo timings are basically from 9 in the morning to 4 in the evening. I came to know that it was a good zoo as they have animals kept by proper order that to in open enclosures. I have spent half of my life traveling that to in reserves and so I know the importance of animals being kept in open enclosures and I will also share with you people. When animals are kept in open enclosures, then they feel at home and it helps a lot in their breeding and maintenance of their place and most importantly the animals can be easily observed by the officials and workers making their study easier and preventing problems.

I was able to witness the two most dominant animals, which are the lion and the tiger roaming around with pride as if they were enjoying the celebrity like feeling when visitors looked at them. I promptly clicked their pictures to cherish such wonderful moments. I also saw gharial, sambar and barking deer, which are very rare to see nowadays. I was lucky enough to see monkeys doing an amazing dance inside their enclosure and witness wolves, which are rare and a treat to watch. Other than these, there were many other animals and birds, which were quite beautiful and I clicked many snaps of them.

Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi is a very good place to be at and they take proper care of the animals and make them feel like home and with this we move on to our next destination and keep having fun.


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