Deer Park Ranchi – A Great Place for a Family Trip

It was like having a great time witnessing scenic beauty at the falls, and we decided to move on and the next stop was the Deer Park Ranchi. The place where we visited is located at a distance of about only 20 km from the main city of Ranchi and it was altogether a Sal forest. I always love places having a serene environment, which makes mind and soul more peaceful.

The temperature was soothing at our time of visit and it was around 22 degree Celsius. It was a great feeling as we took a jeep to go into the Deer Park and experience the wildlife. The trees in the forest had many varied species of birds resting on them. We couldn’t identify any because all of them were rare and I hadn’t seen them before but the guide told us about a few. This way we managed to witness a few rare birds, which were a treat for the eyes. Many birds like the kingfishers and woodpeckers looked very beautiful as we spotted them at times and the DLSR camera helped us to snap a few pictures with ease and without disturbing the wildlife.

The main highlight of the park was the deer, a real treat to the eyes because they were all around the park and seemed most common animals to be present there. A wide variety of deer like the spotted ones and non-spotted ones were most common. Normally people fail to notice the fauna at such places in the excitement of spotting animals but we didn’t make the same mistake and we did keep an eye on the trees and plants in the region, which led us to see and witness beautiful rare species of plants. The plants had wild flowers on them and even insects, which were just everywhere around us outside the jeep.

The environment at the Deer Park Ranchi was quite good and we enjoyed a lot trekking and experiencing nature at close. With this we decided to move ahead in our journey and move forward to the next phase and continue having great fun in the trip.

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