Jonha Falls Ranchi – Mesmerizing Views of Waterfall with Amazing Scenic Beauty

The visit to the rock garden was quite exhilarating and to gratify our craving mind, we headed to visit a place of natural scenic beauty, which sure grabbed our full attention and made us calm. Being young minds we were thrilled travelling to Jonha Falls Ranchi. We reached the place quickly and walked further because we were informed that many steps down the road, we could find a place that offered a clear view of the falls. I should admit that when nature at its best can make anyone spellbound. The place around was quite beautiful with peaks and a lot of greenery and the height of the waterfall seemed to be just little above 40 feet but still it was a treat to be at such a place.

Jonha Falls Ranchi

Jonha Falls Ranchi | Image Resource :

Looking at the falls from the top to the ground was quite mesmerizing. The green forest was surrounding the falls on all the sides and the beautiful woods along with the falls made the place look exotic and distinctive. The water was refreshing but chilly and flowing with an unusual force. The sparkling waterfalls in the sun were looking stunning, beautiful and eye-catching. I took many snaps over there and even did video photographing to show them my family and other friends.

There were also some temporary food stalls and the food items looked tantalizing and tasty. Being an avid foodie I can easily and confidently say that the local food items were simply delicious and lip-smacking. The rocks having beautiful shapes and views after getting eroded by the flowing water were also another plus point to watch out. I was able to make new friends over there and once we started talking we shared our life history and we decided to remain in touch through various messengers and through our blogs. We, all along with our new friends, took a shower at the shallow end of the bed of the falls and it was altogether a great experience.

The time spent at the Jonha Falls Ranchi was amazingly great and we longed to sit there all day; however, we had to move because there were quite a few more places to visit.

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