Rock Garden Ranchi – Artificial but Still Natural

After a soothing and spiritual visit to the Jagannath Temple, I, along with my friends, travelled further to visit the famous Rock Garden Ranchi. This garden is located at an easily accessible distance of 4 km from the city of Ranchi on the Road Kanke. It sports resemblance to the Rock Garden, which is in the city of Jaipur though this Rock Garden is built by using the rocks found on the Gonda Hill.

Rock Garden Ranchi

Rock Garden Ranchi | Image Resource :

There is an entry fees for every visitor and that is Rs 20 per person. The low entry fee contributes in its endeavor to attract visitors from all sections of the society. Besides the locals, the place is also visited by national and international tourists. The most desirable time to visit is during the sunset as the setting sun lends a mesmerizing and romantic atmosphere. There were many facilities inside such as a bathroom, which is one of the most important things in any place.

The food stalls were also available providing many local as well as other preferable and well-liked delicious and tasty items. The lingering aroma besides the stall forced us to partake in the food items and I must say that they were very lip-smacking and enjoyable. We were also allowed to take our camera inside with which we could take many amazing pictures so that I could show them to my friends and family.

The garden was well maintained and a huge success amongst the children and family people as they could spend quality time here. The children loved the hanging bridge and were frolicking here and there. The slide was also a favorite option for them. In the late afternoon, we could see an amazing turnout of youngsters to see the romantic sunset. The surrounding lake gives it a picturesque quality and seeing this beautiful place gave me a nice and serene feeling inside.

The Rock Garden Ranchi has the distinction of being developed and constructed into a man-made and artificial garden and inside this garden are man-made waterfalls and sculptures, which are very beautiful to look at. My friends and I enjoyed this visit very much and by the end of the day were ready for Jonha Falls Ranchi.

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