Train Travel from Kanpur to Ranchi by Jharkhand Express – A Dream Come True Journey to the Place of My Interest

Hello friends, I am Indrajit, an environmental engineering student. I want to share my travel experiences with my friends and hence, I am writing this blog about one of my tours which started with train travel from Kanpur to Ranchi by Jharkhand Express. The prelude to this travel plans was a simple enough reason. I was tired of studies and this had become my daily routine and had reached a point where books and studies had become a bore. So when I told my parents that I was simply too tired and fatigue and also feeling on the borderline, my family came upon a brilliant idea of sending me on a short tour with my friends.

Jharkhand Express

Jharkhand Express | Image Resource :

The decision upon the destination was quite simple as I had wanted to see the city of Ranchi. I wanted to see and explore every nook and corner of the city and that is why I decided to restrict my tour to just one city. But before embarking on the tour I needed all the relevant information and hence, decided to log on to a popular travel site. The next step was to book my train tickets and I did that online for the train Jharkhand Express.

Travelling by train has its own charm. I reached the station on time and saw that my friends were already there. The train Jharkhand Express marked 12818 makes its journey only on three days, Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The train reached Kanpur in the early morning at 01.45 AM and as it was scheduled to leave the station in just five minutes when we quickly found our berth and arranged our luggage. By that time the whistle was heard and the train started moving.

The train journey was an amazing experience as travelling with friends is always enjoyable. I also ate the food provided by the train authorities and it was quite delicious and tasty. The train reached the station Ranchi at 16.10 PM and by God’s grace it was on time. This was how my train travel from Kanpur to Ranchi by Jharkhand Express concluded and I was ready to depart from the train and start my tour with a stay at the Hotel Accord Ranchi.

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