How to Become a Successful Mountaineer?


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Many people are passionate about mountain climbing. They wish to attain laurels as mountain climbers. They often lack the zeal and at times do not know what are the various steps to become a good mountain climber. Here I have listed a few easy steps, which are sure to help you become a far better mountaineer than you actually are. Hope this bit of knowledge helps you.

You must do a thorough research

  • Before you actually start to climb the mountain, you must do extensive research. This helps you stay prepared for all the eventualities that you may have to face.
  • Read books about mountain climbing. You may also read books about the various mountains.
  • Watch DVDs where the climbers share their real life mountaineering experience.
  • You must also research about the best time to climb a certain mountain. You may also read the measures you need to take before you set out.

Understand Your Mental Strength and Weakness

  • You must know well how your mind works before you plan to go mountaineering. Here are some aspects you need to consider.
  • You must know how you react to stress and tension.
  • You must know whether you suffer from vertigo or fear of heights.
  • You should also be aware of your capacity to endure pain.

Improve Your Physical Fitness

  • You need to be physically fit to climb mountains. You must thus work on your physical health before you venture to climb hills. Here are the things you may do.
  • Include running and jogging in your daily routine.
  • Do weight lifting to improve your physical strength.
  • Frequent hiking can help your body develop the habit of climbing.

Learn About Mountain Climbing Ethics

  • It is extremely vital to learn the mountain climbing ethics before you begin. Here we have listed what you need to do.
  • You must make sure you learn the Leave No Trace unique set of principles.
  • You should make sure you tread softly. It is your duty to protect wildlife.
  • Never venture mountaineering all alone.

These simple tips are sure to make you a better mountaineer.


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