Tarn Taran Amritsar – A Place of Serenity

While at Amritsar, I heard about Tarn Taran, which was totally new to me. I have never heard such a name before and on enquiring at the travel desk at the hotel, I came to know that it was one of the most sacred places of worship for the Sikhs. The Gurudwara was located close to Amritsar, about 22 km to the south east of the city. We took a cab from the hotel to reach Tarn Taran.

Tarn Taran Amritsar

Tarn Taran Amritsar | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The gurudwara was very impressive like all other gurudwaras, beautifully constructed and decorated with gold and silver. It was built under the orders of the fifth guru, Guru Arjan Dev in memory of Guru Ram Dass. The architecture of the gurudwara reflected Mughal style of architecture and mesmerizes everyone with its beauty. It was a three storeyed structure and stood on the north east corner of the sarovar. It had a beautiful double storey arched gateway through which we could enter inside. The whole structure stood on a marble platform. The dome of the gurudwara had a golden finial in the shape of an umbrella and a gold pinnacle. There were gold plated sheets covering the upper part of the gurudwara.

The sarovar or the tank here is the largest one seen in the gurudwaras and the water is believed to have medicinal qualities and the power to heal your diseases, even leprosy. It is rectangular in shape and has a flight of steps.

Inside the gurudwara, the ceilings and the walls were decorated with intricate stucco works and glass pieces. On a platform covered with golden sheet, Guru Granth Sahib was placed. We sat down and bowed in front of the sacred book for some time and then got up.

A large building was constructed here to provide accommodation for the visitors and the pilgrims visiting the gurudwara. It had all facilities for the visitors. There was also a langar khana or a common kitchen where food was served to the devotees free of charge. Here people from all religion sat together and had their food. We too visited the kitchen and had food there, which was really tasty.


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