Ram Tirath Amritsar – Filled With Spiritual Tranquility

Ram Tirath is located about 11 km from the Amritsar city and is one of the holy places for the Hindus, visited by large number devotees from all over India. According to the epic Ramayana, the place was once the ashram of saint Valmiki. When Mata Sita was deserted by King Rama, it was Saint Valmiki who gave her shelter in his ashram. Mata Sita gave birth to twins Luv and Kush here and stayed in the ashram for a considerable period of time.

Ram Tirath Amritsar

Ram Tirath Amritsar | Image Resource : touristlink.com

The temple is open to the devotees from 6.00 am to 9.00 pm and we reached the temple at 7.00 am. It was a large place and the temple was very beautiful with sculptures. There were steps leading to the temple. We bought some sweets and flowers to offer in the temple and went inside the temple. After praying at the temple and making the parikrama around the temple, we had a look around the temple premises. The temple had a number of statues that showed important scenes from the epic Ramayana.

Inside View Of Ram Tirath Amritsar

Inside View Of Ram Tirath Amritsar | Image Resource : amritsartemples.in

There was a sacred tank in the temple premises, which was believed to have been dug by Hanuman. It was here that Mata Sita took her bath when she stayed in the ashram. The circumference of the tank was 3 km and there are many small temples on its sides. A dip in the holy waters of the tank is believed to wash away your sins, especially in the early hours of the full moon night. There was a 30 ft wide path around the sacred tank for the parikrama or circumambulation. After a dip in the tank, the devotees go around the tank chanting the name of Rama. A hut of Rishi Valmiki ia still seen here.

An annual fair is held here on the month of November and it lasts for four days. Lots of people from all over India reach here to take part in the fair. We also saw a huge statue of Hanuman, which stood to a height of 80 ft. During the four day festival, on the full moon night women light lamps made of kneaded flour, place them on leaf plates and let it float on the tank.


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