Jalianwala B Express – The Contented Journey

Being a student most of my time is spent in learning and doing projects as well preparing for my GRE. But once in a while I take a break from my studies and go out travelling with my friends to many places in North India. Usually we go for three to four days and then come back rejuvenated. Last time it was to Amritsar that we decided to go. The distance from Lucknow to Amritsar is not much and we opted for train travel from Uttar Pradesh to Amritsar by Jalianwala B Express. I had the tickets reserved for all the four of us well in advance and we were very excited about our visit to Amritsar.

Jalianwala B Express

Jalianwala B Express | Image Resource : indiaonline.in

The scheduled time of arrival of the train at Lucknow station was 3.05 pm and so I had my bags packed in the morning, taking care to pack all things that I needed. I had my lunch at 1.00 pm and got ready by 2.00 pm. I reached the station at 2.30 pm and I saw that the other three had already arrived. The train arrived at the correct time and we all got into the train. I had booked three tier AC class for our travel and we found our seats and sat down. It was a relief from the intense heat outside and we all sat down for a while enjoying the coolness of the AC.

The train had a halt in the station for 15 minutes and then took off at 3.20 pm. we sat talking for a while, making plans as to where to go in Amritsar. In the evening we had tea and snacks and then I took out a book and was immersed in reading it. we had the dinner packed from home and had it at 9.00 pm. then we had some conversation with our fellow passengers and went to sleep at 10.00 pm. the arrival time of the train at Amritsar station was 6.30 am and so I put an alarm to wake up at 5.00 am. The train arrived at exactly 6.30 am and we got out having enjoyed our train travel from Uttar Pradesh to Amritsar by Jalianwala B Express.

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