Fort William Kolkata – A Place You Must Visit

Fort William was another place that we went, which is also close to the hotel that we stayed. We reached the fort within minutes, after taking permission from the Commanding officer to visit the fort. It is built on the banks of the rivet Hoogly and in front of it is the Maidan, the largest park in the city. It was named after the King of England, William III. Now the fort is under the control of the Indian Army and you need special permission to enter the fort. It is open from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm on all days of the week.

Fort William Kolkata

Fort William Kolkata | Image Resource :

On reaching the fort, I could see nothing from outside. There was greenery all around and the fort was an octagonal structure with its three sides facing the river. The fort is surrounded by a moat which is 9 m deep and 15 m broad. So nobody could enter it unnoticed. The fort has six massive gates, which are Chowringhee, Treasury Gate, Plassey Kolkata, Water Gate and St. George. Once we got inside the gate, we were awe struck by the splendor inside. We felt that we were transferred to an era of the British-raj with old European style buildings and splendor. The fort covered an area of 5 sq km and can hold about 10,000 troops..

The place is very well maintained and has a swimming pool, restaurant, shopping mall, outdoor play ground, telephone office, cinema hall, canteen, recreation club ad many more facilities for the military officials. We were escorted inside and as we walked on we saw the military engaged in their duties. They were very courteous to all the visitors but very alert and watching if anybody misbehaved or broke the rules.

There was a museum inside the fort, which contained arms and armors, machine guns, muskets, swords and so on. In another section we saw photographs showing Burma Campaign and Bangladesh Liberation War. You are not allowed to take any photographs inside the fort. The visit to the fort was really educative and it teaches you how disciplined and well-trained the Indian Army is.


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