Have Fun at Nicco Park Kolkata

Nicco Park is often called the Disney Land of West Bengal and is a amusement park located in Salt Lake City in Kolkata. It opened for the public on the 13th of October, 1991 and is visited by adults and children from all over India. I had heard a lot about the park from some of my friends who belonged to Kolkata. So we decided to visit the park during our stay at Kolkata. The cab took us to the entrance of the park and dropped us there.

We had to take tickets to enter the park, which was Rs.130 per person. The main park package including the entry fee was Rs. 430 per person, while the water park fee including the entry fee was Rs.380 per person. The park is open to the visitors from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm on all days of the week. Inside the park there was a toy train with eight bogies and a diesel engine that took you on a round through the park.

Entrance Of Niccco Park Kolkata

Entrance Of Nicco Park Kolkata | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

There were many rides in the park and we tried some of them like the water chute, twist and turn, cable car, water coaster, flying saucer etc. We also tried the River Cave Ride, which is a bit scary and adventurous, and takes you by surprise. Here the boat takes you into a cave, where you come across many surprises like dinosaurs, volcanic eruptions, forest fire, grave yard, stalactite and stalagmites, a dungeon, a space station and so on. We enjoyed it very much and took a second ride.

The Eiffel Tower was another attraction and we got to the top of the tower and had a superb view of the surrounding area. Another thing that we enjoyed was the Giant Waterfall. We spent a lot of time at the artificial wave pool, which really felt like the waves of the ocean. There was a Kid’s Pool where we saw many children enjoying themselves. After walking around the park, we got tired and hungry, so we went to the Food Park and had a cup of coffee and some snacks. We had a joyous time in the park that reminded us of our childhood days.


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