Train Travel from Lucknow NR to Kolkata by ASR Koaa Superfast Express

At the age of 24, I have visited many places in India and I love adventure tourism that include activities like mountain climbing, mountain cycling, clamping. I am also a great nature lover and visit wildlife sanctuaries wherever I go. Most of the time, I travel with my friends, as I have some good friends who share the same craze for travel. This time we decided to go to Kolkata as it was not so far from Lukhnow and we could come back within a few days. Opting for budget travel, we booked tickets for our train travel from Lucknow NR to Kolkata by ASR Koaa Superfast Express.

ASR Koaa Superfast Express

ASR Koaa Superfast Express | Image Resource :

The scheduled time of departure of the train from Lucknow was 8.15, so I had my bags ready for the travel by the evening. May friend had told he would pick me up at 7.30 pm. so I had the dinner packed for all the four of us and reached the station by 7.45. The other two were already waiting at the station and we sat down, waiting for the train to arrive. The train arrived at 8.10 pm. 5 minutes behind the actual time. We got into the train and searched for our seats. I had booked AC 3 tier coach and we soon found our seats and sat down. The train started from the station after 15 minutes and we sat down talking for a while. By 9 pm we had our dinner and then we all retired to our berths ready to sleep. I read the book I had with me for a while and then fell off to sleep.

Parasnath Station

Parasnath Station | Image Resource :

Next morning I woke up at 6.45 hearing the vendors shouting tea, coffee, puri masala and so on. It was the Parasnath Station and it stopped only for 2 minutes in the station. Most of the passengers had got down by the time reached Asansol Junction and then at 11.25 am we reached Kolkata railway station. Train travel from Lucknow NR to Kolkata by ASR Koaa Superfast Express took about 15 hours and we enjoyed our travel. There was the cab sent from the hotel waiting for us outside the station.

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