Hotel Aashiya Haveli, Udaipur – For a Great and Traditional Hospitality Experience

The train travel had left us quite fatigued. Once in the car to the Hotel Aashiya Haveli, Udaipur, I prayed that the hotel be every bit it claimed to be in the internet. The online pictures of the family run hotel were very compelling but the moment we set our eyes on this heritage hotel, it surpassed all our expectations. It is one of those rich palace-looking hotels overlooking the lake where the staff also accords you a befitting royal treatment. The end result is that you are spoilt to no ends and the entire experience is grander with every minute passing by. Most of our fatigue vanished as we checked in because the décor of the place was so intriguing with arched doorways and attractive jharokas that we were keen to explore the entire hotel at once.

Hotel Aashiya Haveli Udaipur

Hotel Aashiya Haveli Udaipur | Image Resource :

But as soon as the luggage was placed in our rooms and our heads hit the pillows, the fatigue took over and we were snoring to sleep off our tiredness. A couple of hours of the much required nap and we were fresh once more and were really hungry. I guess travel does that to your system. We had adjoining rooms, which was such a convenient thing to have and the next thing I know is we were at the hotel’s restaurant ordering dishes from its delectable menu. The menu was awesome and the aroma dishing out of the nearby kitchen was killing us. A quick consultation and the food were ordered. It was everything that we were expecting it to be – tempting, tasty and terrific.

Once we had licked our plates clean, only then were we able to pay attention to the rest of the lovely features of the Hotel Aashiya Haveli, Udaipur. We made way to the open terrace that overlooked the lake and the breeze was blowing gently. The whole atmosphere was intoxicating. The experience of dal-baati-churma at Udaipur that the hotel restaurant had promised us for the next day lunch was something to look forward to. After the stroll in the hotel terrace, we retired to our rooms.

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