You Have to Have Dal-Baati-Churma At Udaipur to Know What It Is!

The first morning in Udaipur greeted us with a freshness that took away all the worldly worries from us. The air was misty and the view from the ‘jharokas’ or the windows were to die for. We were fans of the food that was being served in the hotel and this day had been coined as the dal-baati-churma at Udaipur day. Since the hotel is a family run enterprise, I guess that explained why every little detail of the guests’ convenience and comfort is looked after. There were added efforts in all of their services and that showed. The staff members in their traditional attire and their unique greeting ways -‘Ram Ram sa’ had such a native twist to it, that it ringed in our ears with its sweetness. Without wasting any more time indoors, we climbed up the terrace to catch the views of the daytime beauty of the vicinity.


Dal-Baati-Churma | Image Resource :

The sun was peeking out of the clouds but was not entirely scorching us. The whole atmosphere was mellow and mesmerizing. We had ordered for tea over the terrace and what an experience it was! The distant monuments which could be viewed from here on a clear cloudless day could be seen hazily and the conversation flowed around the rich heritage of the city. Time flew and we agreed to meet for lunch after showering up. Because, we were to enjoy the delicacy and traditional food of Udaipur, we had done the correct thing in skipping breakfast completely. Soon we all gathered at the restaurant and were seated. And then began the ritual of serving the food in the traditional style. The people who were serving us meant to serve us till we could have no more and we were at a lack of words to describe the flavor of the food. It was possibly the best meal I had had in a long time.

The dal-baati-churma at Udaipur experience tantalized our taste buds. I had seriously consumed much more than what I had intended to have. Very quickly then we got ready to leave for the Jagdish Temple, Udaipur – our first sightseeing spot in this beautiful land of historical forts and monuments.


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