My Train Travel from Lucknow Nr to Udaipur City by NJP UDZ Express – A Rendezvous with Old Friends and Old Memories

The train ticket read Indrajit- that’s me, Ashok and Navin. Finally, our waitlisted tickets for the train travel from Lucknow Nr (LKO) to Udaipur city (UDZ) by NJP UDZ Express were confirmed. Thankfully, the much desired break was finally shaping up and my friends and I were excited beyond words to embark on this journey to Udaipur to make the most of it. The train was due to depart at 3:30 in the afternoon and we were to meet at my home to leave for the railway station together. The wait seemed endless but soon we all were on our way to the station. The scene at the railway station is never any different. Countless people make their way to the designated platforms to board the trains that would take them to their choice of destination. We too joined the crowd of nameless people in our common hope of looking forward to a safe and comfortable journey.

NJP UDZ Express

NJP UDZ Express | Image Resource :

It was going to take one whole day and we braced ourselves well. The afternoon went by while chatting and generally catching up on our respective lives and as night fell, the card games kept us busy. Our busy lives seldom give us the chance to spend quality time with friends but during excursions like these, we bond really well. We had made provisions for the home-cooked meal for dinner and the food was really delicious. For the food next day, the train meal would have to suffice. The following morning we were all late in getting up, which was justified since the train was not supposed to reach Udaipur until 4 in the evening.

Once we had eaten some after freshening up in the morning, I discussed the itinerary with my friends and expected some changes or suggestions but I gather they were happy with whatever schedule I had planned for them because they totally trusted me on this one. The train travel from Lucknow Nr (LKO) to Udaipur city (UDZ) by NJP UDZ Express was a pleasant one and the driver from Hotel Aashiya Haveli Udaipur was supposed to pick us from the Udaipur railway station.

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