A Lovely Day at the Glorious Patna Golf Club

As a young and dynamic personality, adventure and adrenaline pumping activities run through my bloodstream. Yet, I confess that most of the time I please myself by indulging in camping and sports activities. It not only gives me great pleasure but also provides me with that additional ‘kick’.

Speaking of sports, I would like to make a special mention about my recent outing at the prestigious Patna Golf Club. Patna, my hometown for over 20 years, is easily one of the most visited cities here in Uttar Pradesh.

Patna Golf Club

Patna Golf Club | Image Resource : patnagolfclub.golfgaga.com

Frequented by golf lovers all year round, the Patna Golf Club is an excellently suitable place for novice as well as pro golf players. For me, this luscious golf club serves to be a great source of rejuvenation, inspiration, thrill, and fun as it is brimming with amazing energy!

It was only last weekend when I visited the place. Donned in the best of my golf apparel and all out with my spanking new set of golf, I spent the entire Saturday playing golf like never before. Moreover, yes, I was accompanied by my 8-year old nephew, who too was eager to learn some good moves!

The sunny day added to the excitement and I had every excuse not to leave the place before sundown. It was unsurprising to see a bunch of youths trying to learn golf, the exotic game of games.

With a number of beautiful strokes in the air, I finally managed to hole 20 to 25 balls approximately. Of course, that was the stats for the entire day and of my nephew, he too shocked me with an unbelievable 12 masterstrokes!

By late afternoon, the both of us had been literally exhausted until we found a plush shady tree just outside the premises of the Patna Golf Club. Reminiscing my young days here, I rolled out a couple of stories to my nephew – the ones wherein I was just as young as 7 years and used to visit the golf club with my dad.


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