Jurasik Park – Don’t Miss It

Next, we headed to the Jurasik park, located in between the towns of Sonipat and Murthal; to have some fun and bash.

As the name indicates, it is a dinosaur-themed park. When we reached at the destination, we could see giant dinosaurs are constructed at the entrance gate to welcome the visitors.

Jurasik Park Sonipat

Jurasik Park Sonipat | Image Resource : static.panoramio.com

The entry cost is 1000 INR for a couple. It seemed to be quite reasonable for a day long fun. As it was a weekday, there were not many people in the park which was well suited to us. We entered the park to have fun and conclude our vacation in the most enjoyable way. We noticed there were almost four water rides in the park, including a pool. The slides were of all kinds- high medium and small for kids.

We quickly went to the changing rooms to don our swim suites. The changing rooms were very neat and tidy and were provided with electronic lockers. As the trip was spontaneously planned, we didn’t have our swim suites with us, so we hired it. As I am not so good swimmer, I also took a tube to help myself in water. After getting all set, we headed for the clean pools to have a splash. There were a number of lifeguards monitoring people at all pools. They were distinctly visible in their red uniform and some were busy helping the children in water.

After enough swimming and splashing water on one another, we opted for the swings in the amusement park. We were strapped carefully by the staff to ensure our safety. We enjoyed the unlimited rides that were offered in the park.

After much of playing around, we were hungry. So we went towards the dinosaur-themed restaurant of the park called as the “Fiery Grill’ that serves vegetarian lunch.

There were many other food kiosks as well in the park.

On the whole, we had an amazing experience at the Jurasik Park and would recommend everyone to visit here and have fun family and friends. The atmosphere was good with dinosaurs all around to sink with the theme. We enjoyed some great time in Jurasik Park.


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