Grave Of Ibrahim Lodhi – A Great Fighter of the Past

On the third day of our visit to the place of Rohtak, we were ready to explore the more of the city. All four of us were having tremendous fun together; while viewing the exceptional monuments of past as well as the natural sites. On this refreshing morning, we were going to visit the Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi that is sited in the historic place of Panipat.

Grave Of Ibrahim Lodhi

Grave Of Ibrahim Lodhi | Image Resource :

We hired a taxi and headed towards our destination. We were chatting all the way while me having small nap as well in between. I feel it to be quite energizing…what say?

Well, my friends don’t think so and they made a lot fun over this. But that’s how friends are, and I am glad I came here with them.

We reached the place where the tomb was sited. The Ibrahim Lodi’s Tomb was a true reflection of the efficient and rich architectural skills used in the ancient times. The Tomb was huge and was constructed by the then ruler “Sher Shah Suri” to honor the gallant and brave Muslim ruler, “Ibrahim Lodhi”.

The competent general “Ibrahim Lodhi “was overpowered by the great Mughal ruler “Babur” for the duration of the “First Battle of Panipat” in the year 1526.

This tomb of “Ibrahim Lodhi” is a major tourist attraction site. People who visit here get completely spell bound by the sight of the marvelous mausoleum, which holds the testimony to the ferocious historic battle that made a mark in the destiny of our country. The famous tomb guards the grave of “Ibrahim Lodhi” and depicts the affluent architectural approach of the Pathans. The tomb has beautifully carved arches, gracefully designed and refined pillars and presents a fabulous blend of eye-catching colors. It is no doubt that it is a spectacular architectural creation, representing the affluent and rich engineering techniques of the departed golden era.

The place was holding eternal beauty with one of the great fighter of our past. This is a remembrance of our history that is still standing with its head high narrating the moments of the past. I am a great admirer of our history and places like this fill my heart with delight and pride.


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