Sheikh Chilli Ka Maqbara – A Must Visit

After visiting the epic places, we moved further to a historical place in Kurukshetra that is famous for its beauty- Sheikh Chilli ka maqbara

Sheikh Chilli Ka Maqbara, or the tomb is a very fine-looking and efficiently maintained Mughal monument that is sited in a part of the city. Actual name of Sheikh Chilli was Sufi Saint Abd ur Rahim, and he was believed to be the spiritual guru of Dara Shikh, brother of Aurangzeb.

Sheikh Chilli Ka Maqbara

Sheikh Chilli Ka Maqbara | Image Resource :

The place was captivating with its architectural plans resembling that of Persian buildings. The beauty and architectural sophistications are so unique that it is considered at second position in Northern India, the first being Taj Mahal. The place was truly remarkable and we were amazed to see the beauty of the place and the efforts that would have been put in to construct such master piece.

Along the western gate of the Madarsa, is present an elegant, though small Pathar Masjid, which is made of red sandstones. It is an outstanding place for its beautifully fluted minarets that are made attached to its rear wall.

Moreover, the ceiling of the mosque was beautified with the carved floral designs in low relief and was resting over strong pillars. Those pillars are also copiously ornamented with floral designs. It was hard to believe that these designs were carved in those times without any assets of machines and equipment. The credibility of the maker is unmatched. We could also see the inscribed verses from the Quran.

There was an adjoining building representing a garden complex that was made on the ‘char bagh’ concept with a water tank in the centre. This is the pattern of a typical Mughal garden that could be seen in almost all the Mughal monuments. The garden is now known as Harshvardhan Par. We roamed about the entire place praising its exceptional beauty. We spent a long time viewing the carvings. The garden was equally beautiful. All the ancient monuments holds a story of their past, which is very well said even in absence of words. Mesmerized by our historical richness, we spent the entire evening at that place and returned back only after it was dark.


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