Mansarovar Park – A Beautiful Garden In The Heart of The City.

After visiting the beautiful lake of Tilyar, we were eager to see more of the natural sites of Rohtak. So post lunch in hotel, we searched for more parks in the place over the internet, and we came across the Mansarovar Park. So with the unanimous decision, we all planned to leave for another place that is bestowed with nature.

Mansarovar Park Rohtak

Mansarovar Park Rohtak | Image Resource :

We hired a cab and left for the park. It was a big park and was a major attraction for the locals of the Rohtak city. People were visiting the place to enjoy some peace in the lap of nature, and to have a break from the busy life and jammed traffics. Mansarovar Park is also a preferred place for morning walk. People who like to have a walk to keep themselves healthy, come for a walk in this park so as to have some fresh air amid green trees and plantation.

We also started strolling in the park to view the beautiful flowers and their striking colors spreading against the green background. Many birds were chirping and hovering around adding to the beauty of the park. We sat there in the park, enjoying the soft grass that was spread around us. My friend pointed towards some beautiful butterflies that were hovering over flowers to get nectar. The site was so engrossing and soothing. This is what we miss in the routine hustle bustle of our daily life. The place was worth to take some time out and communicate with ourselves through nature.

People were also meditating in the park and children were playing around. There were some slides where maximum children were gathered around. Some young ones were accompanied by their parents to help them play and slide.

The Mansarovar Park is located in the core of the city where visitors can avail hotels or resorts for their stay and visit the park frequently for the relaxation. The reward should go to the Municipal Corporation of Haryana that has constructed this park and are maintaining it beautifully. Today, this park plays numerous roles of a playground for children, walking track for adults and a relaxing place for nature lovers like us.


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