Train travel from Lucknow to Rohtak by Gorakdam Express

I was always fond of exploring new places, but due to lack of opportunity and right companionship, I could not fulfill my dream. But now, while perusing my studies I came across some wonderful people to share the same dream as mine. I was always a nature lover and now with environmental studies as my subject, I feel more in bond with the Mother Nature. Our group of four planned to leave from Lucknow by train to reach Rohtak. Our tickets were confirmed for the Gorakdm Express which was scheduled to leave from the Gorakhpur junction at around 10 pm.

Gorakdam Express

Gorakdam Express | Image Resource :

This is my third trip with my friends. A short vacation of 3-4 days is rejuvenating, and when accompanied with adventure sports, opportunity to meet new people, learn about new cultures, and getting experience of exploring the historical backdrop of various places, it is exhilarating. This is the reason I love to travel.

To add another such experience to our lives, me and my three other friends decided to have a quick trip at the city of Rohtak that is situated in south east of Haryana state of our country. It is known as the ‘heart of Haryana’ and is the right place to explore the Vedic Civilization as Rohtak is flooded with ancient sites with evidences from Indus Valley Civilization. To discover these valuable traces of the city, we decided to give a visit there.

Rohtak Railway Station

Rohtak Railway Station | Image Resource :

We reached at the Rohtak railway station in Gorakdm Express the next morning at around 8 am. We all reached thee with our bags packed and spirits high. We were very excited and were waiting for the train to arrive which was running around 10 minutes late. We bought some eateries from the local vendors and occupied our accommodation when the train arrived at the station. We all were busy talking, and sometimes pulling each others leg as well. Realizing that the fellow passenges may get disturbed from our chatting, we retired to our bed at around midnight waiting for a thrilling experience that was about to start.


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