Information on Environmental Engineering – What makes it Special

Howdy all! OK, presently I am all into studies and assignment submissions as I have been preparing for my mid-semester finals. Although I am neck-deep immersed into my preparations, have taken some time off from my tight studying schedule to blog about my interest, passion and field of academics – environmental engineering.

For 2 years now, I have been a devoted student to environmental engineering and would love to brag about it. Literally! Well, it might not be too easy to catch up with the subject, but a little dedication and the love for it, anyone can learn environmental engineering and gain masters in it.


Earth | Image Resource :

If you are thinking what is environmental engineering all about, here is something for all you curious people out there.

Environmental Engineering is becoming a fast-growing stream in science. Precisely, it is an integration of science and engineering principles that are aimed towards the betterment of natural environment.

All you would get to learn about is the ways and means to improve the natural environment, so that the human habitation and other organisms are provided with healthy air, water, and land.

Well, just when I was in 10th grade, I was smitten by the idea of learning environmental engineering. I could also say that love for nature and all its elements was deep set in me since those days. Hence, I geared up myself and went ahead with opting for this particular course.

While some of my friends have gone into accounting, computer science, and stuff, I find myself in better position just because I am following my dreams. I imagine myself protecting the environment with the help of latest and most innovative technologies.

Besides, there is a great scope for environmental engineers. I have also researched that the degree is in huge demand not only in India but abroad as well.

Looking back a couple of years ago, I pride in myself for having picked up the subject of environmental engineering as my higher studies. As a nature enthusiast, I further look forward to gaining a postgraduate degree in the said stream and for now, all I need is tons of good luck. Hang around!


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