History at Its Best in the Central Museum Indore

After our visit to the lake, we moved to the Central Museum Indore, which is situated in the heart of the city and is near to the general post office. The museum had two galleries and exhibited the facts, which belonged to a time ranging from the ancient ages to the modern times. The museum was established way back in the year 1929, but later in the year 1969, it was shifted to its present location. After the shift, it had a much bigger area and was developed gradually with the passage of time. The present gallery had six of it namely the arms gallery, Inscription gallery, Malwa art gallery, antiquity gallery, numismatic gallery and the Hinglajgarh art gallery. The gallery displayed all the historic things and we were really thrilled to view all of them. The place was the main source of attraction for the tourists and we could see people from different parts of India, who had come to the museum.

Many other things were on display and they included fossils, excavations from the historical Mohenjadaro, Stone Age tools, different materials that were excavated from chalcolithic places, different pieces of terracotta, and many more. Photography was not allowed inside the campus and for that reason we could not collect essential details and pictures of that place. There were various different sculptures of different gods and goddesses such as Saraswati, Harihar, Lakulish, Bhuvaneshwari, Vareshwar, and more. The museum also displayed different coins made of materials such as gold, silver, and copper coins of different special eras such as Ujjaini, Tripuri and Janapadiya. Some other coins were displayed in the numismatic gallery as well.

We could learn different things related to Indian history after visiting the Central Museum Indore. I could easily see the things that had made the museum so special. We spent quite some time in the campus and gathered some information about the rich history and tradition of the state. We had to pay a nominal entry fee for entering the campus and we learnt from the guard that it used to remain open on all days of the week except Thursday. After enjoying and getting to learn so much about the place we headed towards our next destination which was the Patalpani.


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