Nehru Park Indore – Beautiful and Charming

We then set off for the famous and the beautiful Nehru Park Indore, which was one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the city. It was also one of the oldest parks in that region and was located in the centre of the city. Initially, the park was named as the Biscow Park and built by the Britons. It was opened for the general public much before India’s independence. After independence, the park was renamed as the Nehru Park and it was full of different roses. It had various facilities such as the library, children’s hobby center, battery run cars, mini train and a swimming pool. There were many other attractions in the park and it was extremely famous in the region. We could easily spot people from different nations who had come to explore the serenity and calmness of the place. The Nehru Park was also known for the huge collection of birds and was situated on the bank of river Khan.

Nehru Park Indore

Nehru Park Indore | Image Resource :

The complete area was quite planned and beautifully designed with separate blocks for different purposes. There were gardens along with a separate area where children could play. We also saw many birds chirping on the trees. The tourists visiting the park had the chance of seeing all the animals and other birds that were shown in the zoo. While some of the animals present in the zoo were carnivorous, others were omnivorous. The zoo was specially meant for conserving different animals. I learnt that many children studying in the nearby schools were often taken to that park during excursions. The zoo had different kinds of animals, which drew a lot of tourists.

The Nehru Park Indore had all the special collections of habitats for different kinds of animals and birds present there. There were food courts available within the campus that helped us to taste different cuisines. The park also housed different kinds of rides, which included the pony rides, camel rides, buggy rides, goad cards and elephant rides. The park was quite amazing for children. We sat on the grassy ground and had a chat about the amazing spots we had covered there.


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