The Famous Annapurna Temple Indore

After enjoying wonderful time in the Indore street, we headed to visit the famous Annapurna temple Indore, which was built in similarity with the Meenakshi temple, Madurai. There were four huge elephants that were used for decorating the main entrance. However, there were idols of Shiva, Hanuman and Kal Bhairav apart from that of Annapurna Devi inside the temple. There was a big hall and devotees could sit back and enjoy the Puja. The entire hall was decorated with different stories that were mythological in nature. There was a famous Gow Shala and we loved to visit every corner of the temple. It was a very unique experience and we loved the entire premise, which was quite big. We visited the temple in the evening, but somehow managed to get the ‘prasad’, which delighted all of us. The temple was mainly dedicated to Devi Annapurna and served as one of most famous pilgrimage sites of the city.

Annapurna Temple Indore

Annapurna Temple Indore | Image Resource :

The site was famous amongst the Hindu devotees and every year many occasions were organized, which drew a large number of devotees from different parts of the country. According to the Hindu mythology, Devi Annapurna was known as the God of food and for that reason Devi was worshipped in every Hindu house. Even Parvati was also known by the name of Annapurna and once she proved that food was an illusion of Lord Shiva. The idol in the temple showed Devi holding container with porridge and serving spoon on another. This represented that those who worshipped God with full devotion won’t feel hungry ever.

There was a strong belief and for that reason many devotees used to visit the famous Annapurna temple Indore. With regard to the architecture, the temple was quite similar to the Meenakshi temple of south India and there were three shrines of Lord Shiva within the premises. I learnt that there were many special pujas organised at different times and accordingly the place used to be filled with devotees from different parts of the country. There were food stalls and other shops that were found during that time and the place marked as one of the special occasions of the state.


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