The Serene Sirpur Lake Indore

From the amazing Lal Bagh Palace we headed towards the Sirpur Lake Indore, which was at a few kilometres distance from the Indore city. The place was really beautiful and the lake was spread over a vast area of land. But according to locals the condition of the lake had deteriorated in the past few years. The place was very famous because of different migratory birds, which came and stayed there. There were various such species of birds and they used to come from Europe. However, with the deterioration in its condition, the lovers of nature were quite concerned about the lake. According to reports it was revealed that the place discovered nearly 110 species of birds, which included both local as well as migrant species in the area. The area was surrounded by greenery and because of the calmness and peace we could see many tourists visiting the place and enjoying the beauty of nature at its fullest.

Sirpur Lake Indore

Sirpur Lake Indore | Image Resource :

We too were mesmerized by the beauty of that place and accordingly captured a few pictures of that place. We could take photos of some birds, which were extremely rare. Due to dumping of the wastes in the lake the environment was getting polluted and there was a local camp organized and they focussed on cleaning. The preservation of the water was important because the water body was getting polluted due to some wastes that were dumped in that lake.

However, the place surrounding the Sirpur Lake Indore was completely calm and good for enjoying the beauty of nature with greenery all around. There were different species of birds chirping and they made the place much more delightful. We could see that many local people came to this place and the place was considered as one of the hot picnic destinations. After enjoying our stay in the place it was time to move on to the next destination, which was the central museum. There were quite a few places in Indore and those were really special and attractive places for tourists like me. On our way to the Indore museum, we stopped at a roadside restaurant and had some foods as we were feeling bit hungry.


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