The Tasty Dahi Vadas at the Indore Street

We started our sightseeing first walking around the streets of Indore and the weather was perfect for visiting different places. Normally the weather of Indore was very soothing, comfortable and normal. There were many famous places in Indore and just for that day we thought of covering the local places and other shopping malls within the city. We found many local food places offering dahi vadas. We had dahi vadas at Indore Street and it was really tasty; the taste and flavor were quite unique and these were the specialties of that place. I had dahi vadas before that as well, but the ones that I tasted at Indore were really special. Moreover, it was on the streets with an old man preparing it on a small food stall. I love foods and every time I visited new places it was the unique food items that attracted me. I loved to choose different kinds of dishes every time.

Dahi Vadas at the Indore Street

Dahi Vadas at the Indore Street I Image Resource :

The streets were filled with different stalls, where we could see different ornaments, idols of various Gods and Goddesses, and more. Every time I used to visit different places, I tried to buy something special that helped me to remember the particular place. We were just moving around the town and with my camera, we captured a few moments of that place. There were many food stalls available in the town and the people there loved different spicy and flavoured food items. We tried various delicacies such as bhelpuri, chaat and others. Each of them had different specialties and was much different from the food items found in other places.

The experience of dahi vadas at Indore Street was really amazing and it remained in my memory all along. I miss those dahi vadas and their taste lingers in my tongue even today. Our trip in Indore had started very well. I was simply amazed at the speed in which the people prepared different kinds of food items. After spending a few hours in and around the city, we decided to visit the Annapurna temple as per our plan. It was very famous amongst the locals. We took an auto and reached the temple within a few minutes as it was situated within the city itself.


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