Our Travel from Agra Cantt to Indore Junction by Malwa Express

I always look forward to winter breaks as I get to spend some extremely memorable moments with my friends. In the meantime, we plan out trips to different parts of the country, those located in the northern region. Last time we planned our trip to Indore and accordingly booked our travel from Agra Cantt (AGC) to Indore Junction (INDB) by Malwa Express. We always travelled in groups and that gave us the best feeling of enjoying some of the best historical places and other beauties associated with various destinations. As per the schedule, we went to the Agra station around 10 pm and the train was scheduled to come around 10.40 pm. The train was late by 15 minutes and we boarded the train around 11 pm. Meanwhile, I bought a few magazines and books, which helped me to pass time easily on the train. The train started on time and we made ourselves comfortable on our berths.

Malwa Express

Malwa Express I Image Resource : panoramio.com

After having some discussions with my friends, I went to sleep and woke up around 7 am in the morning. As the train was nearing Bhopal, I was planning out our trip with my friend. Earlier before travel, we listed out the special locations that we would cover. Based on the locations, we sorted the places, the places to be visited and other famous destinations in the nearby areas. In the meantime, the train reached Bhopal Junction and we had some breakfast. The train halted there for 20 minutes and it was sufficient for us to complete our breakfast. It took another 5 hours to reach the Indore junction and though the train was running late initially, it reached the destination on time.

My watch showed that it was already 1 pm when we left the Indore station. We enjoyed every bit of our travel from Agra Cantt (AGC) to Indore junction (INDB) by Malwa Express. The journey was quite comfortable, but still we decided to check in at the hotel that was pre-booked and accordingly took an auto. The city was known for its culture and heritage. Before beginning our travel, we decided to get fresh and start our tour in Indore. It took some 30 to 40 minutes to reach the hotel.

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