Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, Bilaspur-A Great Place for Wildlife Lovers

I am very much fond of nature and its resources. I love animals as much as I love the flora and lush green forests. During my stay in Chhattisgarh while I was there few months back, I tried to cover as much place as I can. I and friends had visited the place as we are a bunch of boys always ready for adventure tourism. The Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary at Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh was my prime reason for being there. Since early childhood, wildlife, nature and photography have called me towards itself. This time I went on for the trip with friends carrying my brand new digital SLR camera to capture a few moments in my lenses.

Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary Bilaspur

Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary Bilaspur I Image Resource :

Established in the year 1975, the sanctuary is known for the preservation of tigers. As it is not hidden to anyone in India that the number of tigers is decreasing day by day and it being our national animal, it is the duty of all of us to protect it with utmost care. The sanctuary is located at the northwest side of Chhattisgarh where other endangered animals like leopards, wild bisons and Bengal tigers are also protected. Indian muntjac, striped hyena, sloth bear, chinkara, black buck, four-horned antelope, nilgai, sambar, wild boar are few of the other species which I found there.

After going round the sanctuary, we hired a jeep within the forest and traveled inside it. The jeep took us for a ride within the jungle which was also accompanied by a guide. Wild buffalos, peacocks, sambar, deer, monkeys, wild hens, nilgai were all roaming inside the forest in open as the jeep drove past all of them. The guide described about each animal in the jungle. The three hour long safari was a very nice experience for all of us as we enjoyed it to a great extent.

As the safari was over, I decided to go round the sanctuary myself to collect a few pictures to keep them for a memory. I should say here that the entire trip to the Achanakmar Wildlife sanctuary in Bilaspur has given me a lot of good experiences.

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