Bhakra dam – A hot spot of Bilaspur!

As a school student, I have read about the Bhakra-Nagal Hydroelectric project, from then on I have always waited for an opportunity to visit and improve my knowledge. Well, the time has come, to visit is the Bhakra Dam and all of us were excited. No visitor in Bilaspur misses seeing the huge dam. It is one of the highest dams in the world, I was proud of it too!

My friends and I were all dressed up and a vehicle was arranged for us to get to the place. It was around 10 am in the morning, the weather seemed very pleasant. It was a bright day and perfect, for a day out! It took about twenty minutes to reach the place .As I got off the car; I was amazed at the stunning location. Nature’s beauty at its ultimate! Majestic Sutlej river, green jungles beside the river and a huge man-made structure across the river to ornament it all! It is simply a Wow!

Bhakra Dam Bilaspur

Bhakra Dam Bilaspur I Image Resource :

My eyes were just still to capture the beautiful location and to all my friends, I recommend you visit to this beautiful place, which is worth a million. It is the effort taken by many great compatriots and the dam is stands as a dedication to our beloved Jawaharlal Nehru. I spoke to some of the employees to gather information about the place and they were polite enough to explain everything to me. Nangal Dam lies close to the Bhakra and it is one of the oldest hydroelectric power generators in the country.

Bhakra Dam Bilaspur

Bhakra Dam Bilaspur I Image Resource :

Main purpose of the dam is to cover water requirements in all areas of Himachal Pradesh and provide irrigation. The dam meets water requirements of the adjoining states of Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana. It was a fabulous trip and we spent almost three hours there. As a student, I had a wonderful experience and was happy to have gained knowledge about key places in the country. As usual, I bid adieu to another terrific destination and began my return journey. India is home to many beautiful places in the world! Come out and explore!

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