Amarkantak temple – Feel the divinity!

Bilaspur is famous for many reasons like the Kosa silk saris, varieties of rice and unique culture. I was fortunate to be in the city of Bilaspur for a couple of days. Madhya Pradesh, heart of India has many places of interest that adds to my itinerary. I had been to Kanan Panderi zoo, and enjoyed the trip thoroughly. The place has some of the finest temples that depict unique architecture. Amarkantak temple is one of them, which have always fascinated me. It was the second time I was visiting the place.

Amarkantak Temple Bilaspur

Amarkantak Temple Bilaspur I Image Resource :

Looking back to the temple’s history, it must have been thousands of years if its existence. I can still see how divine the temple is, which has a number of devotees visiting the temple regularly. It is one of the prime pilgrim centers and is distinct from the other temples as it sole place of worship of all the three worlds in the universe. It is said that many saints have attained enlightenment after years of meditation. As I walked into the temple I turned on my camcorder which kept doing its job, capturing the fabulous ancient architecture.

As I walked in, I saw a person dressed in saffron busy meditating with a rudraksh prayer beads. He was busy chanting prayers, which were not audible to me. I sat beside him and after a few seconds, he opened his eyes, but his lips were still chanting prayers. I have always wanted to speak to sages to know about their kind of life and what led them to choose such a path. I thought I could grab this opportunity to speak this great person.

He seemed friendly and as I began talking to him, he said that he was already into meditation right from his childhood. He was well versed with Sanskrit slokas and I was admiring his mastery over the language and knowledge about Hindu mythology. I felt that there a lot to learn to have a disciplined life and of course prayers form a major part of everyday life. Temple surroundings offered tremendous peace and I am happy to have chosen such a destination.

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